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Animal Prayer Wheel

Animal Communicator & Spiritualist Medium

Janet Kennedy, M.Ed

   Having a connection with animals and nature has been a life-long experience since childhood. I have always been around animals, either in the forest, my house or next-door at my neighbor’s barn trying to get a ride on a horse. Animal Communication was a natural fit for me. Anyone that knows me will agree. Communication with animals began when I was having behavioral issues with my own cat. I began to research for answers and came upon a workshop put on by world renowned Amelia Kinkade. Upon taking her workshop, she recognized my abilities and immediately encouraged me to become a professional. I had previously been working with understanding forms of energy and made an immediate connection with communication.  Every day I make the commitment to the animal kingdom.

My professional background is in the following fields: Medical, Education, Reiki, Mediumship, and Animal Communication.  I work with all species of life and use telepathic, Gestalt, and clairvoyance to receive and convey messages. This all involves working with energy.  There are no boundaries when working with energy.  Learning, studding and understanding energy has prepared me for this direction.  As an animal communicator, I can work with you from any part of the country or world.  You, your animal, or beloved one, does not need to be physically present to communicate.  

   I am currently holding certification as a Spiritualist Medium, Healer.  Working with energy in many different formats has given me the ability to connect with your past loved ones and past beloved pets. A medium can help you connect with past friends, loved ones, and family members, to show that the continuity of life never ends. My goal is to assist you in finding peace and resolve in those relationships. Your loved ones come through bringing messages of love and to assist and guide you through life.

   I respect and incorporate when possible, Native American traditions into my life and work.  This helps me to connect and grow in a Spiritual world. I have been involved in studies of the Native American philosophy. I participate in medicine wheels and a weekly meditation spiritual group. I play the Native American flute, drum and rain stick. Being involved in a community and using the wonderful instruments mentioned above, contribute to the development of my understanding of the Higher Power.  Making a weekly commitment to sitting  with other's helps me to stay connected to our higher source.

Animals can think and feel just as we do so it is important that you have an open mind and heart when receiving messages from your faithful friends.  My commitment is to bridge the gap between humans and animals, loved ones and their spiritual family.

    If you talk to the animals
       they will talk with you
       and you will know each other.
   If you do not talk to them
       you will not know them,
     and what you do not know
       you will fear.
   What one fears, one destroys.     ---- Chief Dan George  "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews

   I honor and respect all species here and here after.

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